Program Costs

Please see tuition and fees for general college expenses.
Additional estimated expenses for the entire Surgical Technology Program are as follows.

Course Costs


Course number Course title Credits Course fee
Fall Semester
SURG 1600 Introduction to Surgical Technology 3 $150
SURG 1610 Surgical Technology Theory 4  
SURG 1620 Surgical Technology Skills Lab I 3 $150
SURG 1685 Surgical Pharmacology 2  
Spring Semester
SURG 1630 Surgical Technology Skills Lab II 1 $50
SURG 1750 Surgical Procedures I (first 8 weeks) 4  
SURG 2750 Surgical Procedures II (second 8 weeks) 4  
SURG 1850 Surgical Technology Clinical I 5 $150
SURG 2810 Surgical Technology Clinical Synthesis I 1  
Summer Semester
SURG 2850 Surgical Technology Clinical II 7 $150
SURG 2895 Surgical Technology Clinical Synthesis II 1 $225

Miscellaneous Costs

Textbooks $700
Lab coats, scrubs, and shoes $150
CPR American Heart Association health care provider Varies by provider
Immunizations $150
Background check and drug screen $165
AST student membership fee $45
Travel to clinical sites* Varies by distance

*Students are expected to provide their own transportation to class and to the assigned clinical education sites, some of which may be a significant distance from campus and may require overnight stays due to weather or distance.