Credit by Exam

Credit for modern language courses offered by LCCC may be earned through two different types of exams: CLEP or departmental exams.


LCCC currently offers the CLEP test for Spanish courses only. The CLEP test includes listening and reading but does not measure oral proficiency. Important note: Passing the CLEP does not guarantee a student will succeed in other courses. Non-native English speakers are encouraged to take this test to get credit for the skills and knowledge they already have acquired. Students who have taken three years or more of Spanish courses also should consider taking this test.


  • The CLEP Spanish test covers the first three semesters of Spanish courses at LCCC.
  • Students cannot take just one part of this exam.
  • If you have a minimum score of 50, you will receive credit for the first two semesters (8 credits). If you score 63 or higher, you will receive all 12 credits.
  • This test cannot be repeated for six months.
  • This test is only by appointment through the LCCC Exam Lab.  

Department Challenge Exam

Students who enroll in any modern language course can challenge the course. Two consecutive courses of any language may be challenged per semester. Students who have taken three years or more of Spanish courses or abroad residence should consider taking this test.


  • Tests are divided into two parts: grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension test for 1010 and 1020, and an oral exam with the course instructor.
  • Student must pass the comprehension test before taking the oral exam.
  • Students must pass both exams with an 60 percent or above in order to receive credit and enroll in the next course.
  • Students who have enrolled in 1010, 1020, 2030 and 2041 level courses may take these tests free of penalty. Students who fail any of the exams are welcome to remain in class, and no permanent record is kept in this case. Failed scores are not recorded unless a student stops coming to class and does not officially withdraw.
  • Challenge exams must be taken before the fourth Friday after the semester begins.
  • Study guides can be provided by the instructor and may be available online. 
  • To test or for more details, please contact your course instructor or Karen Reynolds at kreynoldFREELARAMIE or 307.778.1158.
Important notes: LCCC modern languages classes do not accept STAMP scores for placement of students. Placement of students for class level 1020 or above will occur after successful completion of pre-required courses. Transferability of credits from previous institutions will be determined by the LCCC Registrar, the Vice President of Instruction and/or the Modern Languages Department.