Social Work Concentration - Curriculum

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Associate of Arts

First Year

  Course Title Credits
  PSYC 1000* General Psychology 3
GenEd: AA    Choose from approved Aesthetic Analysis courses 3
GenEd: CS  COLS 1000 Introduction to College Success: First-Year Seminar 3
GenEd: CW ENGL 1010*+  English I: Composition 3
GenEd: CV CO/M 2010* Public Speaking 3
      Semester Credits 15
  Course Title Credits
  PSYC 2300* Developmental Psychology 3
    Choose from faculty-approved elective courses^ 3
GenEd: LAB  BIOL 1003 -OR-  Current Issues in Biology 4
GenEd: LAB  BIOL 1010* General Biology 
GenEd: QR MATH 1000* -OR- Problem Solving 3
GenEd: QR MATH 1400+ -OR HIGHER- College Algebra 3
      Semester Credits 13

Second Year

  Course Title Credits
  PSYC 2080* Psychobiology 3
  PSYC 2340* -OR- Abnormal Psychology 3
  PSYC 2330*  Psychology of Adjustment 3
    Choose from faculty-approved elective courses^ 3
GenEd: WY  POLS 1000*  American and Wyoming Government 3
GenEd: STEM  STAT 2070* Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences 
      Semester Credits 16
  Course Title Credits
  ECON 1010* Principles of Macroeconomics 3
  PSYC 2000* Research Psychological Methods 4
  PSYC 2380* -OR- Social Psychology 3
  PSYC 2090*  Psychology of Religion 3
  SOWK 2000*  Introduction to Social Work 3
GenEd: CA  SOC 1000  Sociological Principles 3
      Semester Credits 16

Total Credits: 60

*This course has at least one prerequisite. Check the Course Descriptions section of the catalog to see the course prerequisites.

+If the placement test score is not adequate for course enrollment, students must complete the appropriate developmental course(s) before enrolling. These courses may increase the total number of program credits. students should review their math and writing placement with their advisor before planning out their full program schedules.

^Program Comments
Program Electives – Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor or faculty mentor to identify requirements at their target transfer institutions. Suggested electives for transfer to a BA PSYC degree include the following; in addition, two semesters of a world-language are recommended.

ANTH 1100 4 credits Introduction to Biological Anthropology
CNSL 2300 3 credits Counseling Skills for Helping Professionals

Recommended program elective for students interested in counseling or therapy tracks.

HIST 2290 3 credits History of North American Indians
HIST 2389 3 credits History of Women and the American West
SOC 1000 3 credits Sociological Principles

Other Information
Students should see a faculty advisor for recommendations for program electives pertaining specifically to the University of Wyoming.

Learning Competencies

1. Demonstrate a Knowledge Base in Psychology
2. Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking
3. Ethical and Social Responsibility in a Diverse World
4. Communication
5. Professional Development