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Associate Degree in Nursing | Learning Competencies

Prerequisite courses must be in progress or completed with a grade of “C” or better. Students are encouraged to contact the Nursing program advisor for scheduling sequence.

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)


  Course Title Credits
GenEd: CS COLS 1000§ Introduction to College Success: First-Year Seminar 3
  ZOO 2015^ Human Anatomy 4
GenEd: CW ENGL 1010*+ English I: Composition  3
GenEd: QR MATH 1400+ -OR HIGHER- College Algebra 3
      Prerequisite Credits 13


  Course Title Credits
  NURS 1100* Professional Nursing Care in Health Promotion 5
  NURS 1115* Professional Nursing Care in Health Promotion:Clinical One 5
  ZOO 2025*^ Human Physiology 4
      Semester Credits 14
  Course Title Credits
  NURS 1200* Professional Nursing Care of the Patient with Chronic Illness 5
  NURS 1215* Professional Nursing Care of the Patient with Chronic Illness:Clinical Two 5
  PSYC 1000* General Psychology 3
  MICR 2240* Medical Microbiology 4
      Semester Credits 17
  Course Title Credits
  NURS 1980* Practical Nursing Role Exploration 2
      Semester Credits 2
  Course Title Credits
  NURS 2300* Professional Nursing Care of the Patient with Acute Illness 5
  NURS 2315* Professional Nursing Care of the Patient with Acute Illness: Clinical Three 5
GenEd: CV CO/M 2010* Public Speaking  3
      Semester Credits 13
  Course Title Credits
  NURS 2400* Professional Nursing Care of the Patient with Complex Illness 5
  NURS 2415* Professional Nursing Care of the Patient with Complex Illness: Clinical Four 5
 GenEd: WY POLS 1000* -OR- American and Wyoming Government 3
 GenEd: WY HIST 1211* -OR- U.S. to 1865 3
 GenEd: WY HIST 1221* -OR-  U.S. from 1865
 GenEd: WY ECON 1200*  Economics, Law and Government
      Semester Credits 13

Total Credits: 70
With Optional PN Course: 72

* This course has at least one prerequisite. Check the Course Descriptions section of the catalog to see the course prerequisites.

+ If the placement test score is not adequate for course enrollment, students must complete the appropriate developmental course(s) before enrolling. These courses may increase the total number of program credits. Students should review their math and writing placement with their advisor before planning out their full program schedules.

§ See Page 37 of the catalog for exceptions to the COLS 1000 course requirement. Any approved college seminar course will satisfy this requirement.

^ Program Comments

Students should take ZOO 2015 and ZOO 2025. Completion of ZOO 2010 and ZOO 2020 may be accepted however additional prerequisites apply for this option.

Other Information

Additional Program Prerequisites -

Kaplan Entrance exam with a score of 70 overall and a 73 on reading comprehension on the same test (within the last three years).

Demonstrated competency to enter ENGL 1010.

All students admitted to the nursing program are expected to carry their own personal health insurance.

Drug Screening and Criminal Background Checks

Acceptance into the program is conditional based upon satisfactory completion of a criminal background check and drug screen. Instructions for completion will be provided once a student is accepted into the program.

Students will also be subject to random and for cause drug screening throughout the program. Testing positive on the drug screening or evidence of tampering with a specimen will disqualify a student from participation in a clinical assignment and will result in dismissal from the program.

Certain criminal activity, as evidenced by a criminal background check, may also disqualify a student from clinical participation. See School Policy at
Students are advised that the inability to gain clinical education experiences can result in the inability to meet program objectives and outcomes. These circumstances may prevent acceptance into and/or continuance in the program.

Learning Competencies

Upon graduation the ADN student will have met the program goals to be able to:

  • Provide safe nursing care within the health care system. 
  • Incorporate prior knowledge, current research and clinical experience in decision-making. 
  • Demonstrate leadership skills as part of an interprofessional team to promote desired outcomes. 
  • Use effective communication and advocacy to provide individualized care. 
  • Practice within the core values, principles and standards of the nursing profession. 
  • Utilize the nursing process and a broad knowledge base to maximize health.