Associate of Arts

Upon completion of the major in music, students will be prepared for careers in performance, school or studio teaching, music business, music theory and composition, and/or successful transfer to four-year institutions. Courses lead to an Associate of Arts degree which may be applied to various bachelor's degree programs in music. Many courses and ensembles are also available to the non-music major. Within the music program, students will have the opportunity to study and perform music from a variety of styles throughout history and across multiple cultures. Students seeking to complete a major in music, or who are interested in music courses, should seek the advice of a music faculty member in addition to their assigned college advisor.

The music program at Laramie County Community College offers Associate of Arts degrees in Music, Vocal or Instrumental Music Education, and Vocal or Instrumental Music Performance.

Current performance opportunities include Guitar Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Wind Symphony, String Ensemble, Vocal Cantorei, Collegiate Chorale, and Applied Music Instruction (private lessons). Ensembles are offered each semester as credit-bearing courses for college students, and are open, with permission of the instructor, to faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. Private lessons are open to all and serve students on campus, dual-enrollment high school students, and individuals in the community who wish to learn or hone their skills in playing an instrument or singing.


  • Are you willing to work alternate/flexible work hours (careers in the music industry are not always 9-5)?
  • Can you work independently on a wide variety of tasks?
  • Are you comfortable interacting with the public?
  • Are you proficient in reading music?
  • Do you have knowledge of the different genres and history of music?
  • Can you communicate effectively with a diverse group of people?
  • Are you dedicated to long hours of practice to improve and perfect your craft?
  • Can you handle constructive and sometime harsh feedback or criticisms concerning your work?
  • Are you interested in maintaining an annual budget and allocating funds?
  • Do enjoy leading people and/or managing things and events?
  • Are you comfortable presenting to groups of children and/or young adults?
  • Do you enjoy working with technology and equipment?
  • Do you want to help people using music?

Recommended Credentials: (Certificate (C), Credit Diploma (CD), Associate (AA), Bachelors (BA), and Beyond)

  • Accompanists
  • Audio and Video Equipment Technicians (AA, BA)
  • Arts Management (BA, Beyond)
  • Church Musicians/Ministry (All)
  • Directors- Stage, Motion Pictures, Television, and Radio (BA)
  • Music Composers and Arrangers
  • Music Directors Producers and Composers (BA, Beyond)
  • Music Editing, Production, and Composing (BA)
  • Music License Administration (BA)
  • Music Teachers/Faculty (BA, Beyond)
  • Music Therapists (Beyond)
  • Musical Instrument Repairers and Tuners (C, AA, BA)
  • Musicians and Singers
  • Nonprofit Administration (BA, Beyond)
  • Private Lessons
  • Program Directors (BA)
  • Radio and Television Announcers (BA)
  • Recreation Workers (AA, BA)
  • Recreational Therapists (BA, Beyond)
  • Sound Engineering Technicians (AA, BA)
  • Sound Mixing (AA, BA)
  • Children's music programs
  • Colleges and universities
  • Conservatories
  • K-12 schools
  • Counseling Centers
  • Motion picture and television
  • Musical theater groups
  • Opera companies
  • Orchestras
  • Production companies
  • Public libraries
  • Publishers
  • Radio and television stations
  • Record companies
  • Recreation centers
  • Self-employed

(For more salary information go to

Occupation Median Salary U.S. Yearly Median Salary Wyoming Yearly Employment change,
2016-2026, Percentage
Music Directors $50,110 N/A 3.2
Music Therapists $46,410 $47,170 23.6
Music Composers and Arrangers $50,110 N/A 3.2
Middle and High School Teachers $58,030 $58,480  
Elementary School Teachers $55,800 $57,770 5.8
Sound Engineering Technicians $53,680 N/A  


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Transfer Agreements with Four-Year Institutions: Program Articulation

LCCC has partnered with four-year institutions to articulate a way for students to transfer earned credits. These articulations are formal agreements between LCCC and the institution. These agreements match up coursework to make the transfer process smooth and to eliminate any duplication of courses. Any deviations from the prescribed course list will not articulate.


Music: Instrumental Performance Concentration 

Music: Instrumental Performance Concentration - Keyboard

Music: Instrumental Performance Concentration - Strings

Music: Vocal Performance Concentration

Cost of Attendance

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