Facilities & Software

The Mass Media/Multimedia programs boast two labs with regularly updated hardware and software. In the multimedia lab, we have 15 student workstations, three scanners, a color laser printer, a high-end color inkjet printer and a black and white laser printer. The lab, open seven days a week, is a smart classroom, which is wired for sound, has two SmartBoards and cable television input, allowing students to follow breaking news.

In the Wingspan newsroom, we have an additional seven computers, scanner and black and white laser printer. Depending on their courses, students may also have access to the department’s five professional-level SLR digital cameras, 12 video cameras, 15 digital voice recorders and a photo studio.
The department also maintains a darkroom for students who wish to process and print their own photographs. The darkroom has equipment for both black and white and color processing.
When students aren’t in classes, they are welcome to enjoy these facilities for studying, emailing, surfing the Internet, keeping up with the news or just hanging out. Students in the MMMM department are even fortunate enough to have a kitchenette for those busy times when it’s tough to get away from a project and you need to pop lunch in the microwave, pull a frosty beverage out of the fridge or brew a cuppa joe.
For our courses, we use the following software:
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Flash
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Bridge
Adobe Acrobat Professional
Adobe Dreamweaver
NewTek Lightwave