Student Testimonials

Joseph Swanson

During my two year period attending Laramie County Community College (2015-2017), I had the wonderful opportunity to learn under some very impressive instructors in the history department. The instructors gave much insight into the topics that they were teaching and showed much enthusiasm and vigor with their students as well. Instructors such as Lyn Myrick and the department chair Mary Ludwig have greatly impacted my life in a positive way. They brought out my personal love for history and have greatly supported my decision in becoming a high school history teacher. With their great help and guidance, I was able to graduate LCCC with an associate's degree. I am currently attending the University of Wyoming, and I feel better prepared for this new academic environment due to the help of the history department at LCCC and its fine instructors.

Daniek Long

The Laramie County Community College history program gave me the building blocks needed from high school to higher education. I gained not only knowledge but also resources that I continue to use today. The internship offered through the History Department gave me hands-on knowledge in my field as well as professional contacts that helped me get where I am today.

Louis Uribe

LCCC's history program affected my life in tremendous ways, preparing me both academically and professionally for my career. From graduating University of Northern Colorado's history program with Summa Cum Laude to teaching history as a high school teacher on a daily basis, I owe my success to the skills developed at LCCC. The ability to organize large amounts of information, research, formulate and communicate my opinions transcends my discipline and make me successful for any challenges in life.

Courtney Christner

LCCC's history program gave me the confidence to continue my education through my bachelor degree in history and master's program in information studies. The instructors prepare their students to analyze history through its many facets, making sure to bring attention to the complexity of human interactions. I loved my time in the program, and I am confident that my time in LCCC's history program will continue to help me grow as I begin my career.