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Credit Diploma

First Year

Course Title Credits
HLED 1221 Standard First Aid and Safety 2
HLTK 2300 Health Care Ethics 3
KIN 1006* Fitness Component: Flexibility 2
KIN 1008* Fitness Component: Muscular Strength/Muscular Endurance 2
PEAC 1295 Individualized Exercise Programs 1
PEPR 2050* Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 2
    Semester Credits 12
Course Title Credits
HLTK 1210 Human Body Systems 3
HOEC 1140 Nutrition 2
KIN 1007* Fitness Component: Cardiovascular Endurance 2
KIN 2135* Personal Trainer Education 3
KIN 2470* Exercise Science Practicum I 1
    Semester Credits 11

 Total Credits: 23

* This course has at least one prerequisite. Check the Course Descriptions section of the catalog to see the course prerequisites.

Learning Competencies

  • Identify the structures and functions of the human body.
  • Demonstrate the relationships among physical activity, health, and nutrition.
  • Identify methods to maintain health through injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Identify ways to maintain health throughout the human lifespan.
  • Demonstrate, teach, and evaluate physical activity skills.
  • Demonstrate the basic principles and benefits of lifetime fitness.