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Credit Diploma

First Year

  Course Title Credits
  EQST 1515 Equine Science I (Fall Only) 4
  EQST 2500* Equine Health Management 3
  EQST 2985  Equine Business Law 3
  EQST 1685 Equine Behavior and Horsemanship (Fall Only) 4
GenEd: CS COLS 1000 Introduction to College Success: First-Year Seminar 3
      Semester Credits 17
  Course Title Credits
  EQST 2516* Equine Science II (Spring Only) 3
  EQST 2800 Fundamentals of Teaching Riding 2
  EQST 2560* Advanced Training Techniques and Equine Evaluation (Spring Only) 4
  EQST 2970* Equine Internship (Spring or Summer)
      Semester Credits 12

Total Credits: 29

* This course has at least one prerequisite. Check the Course Descriptions section of the catalog to see the course prerequisites.