Student Testimonials

Cole Tully, Alumnus and Equine Trainer (Equine Training Program)

There is high demand for colt starting if you are good.

Cahill Ellenwood, Alumnus and Equine Trainer (Equine Training Program)

There are a lot of people who need someone to start their horses 

Kaycie Deporter, Alumna and UW Animal Science/Equine Major

I appreciated the program (Equine Science) required many of the prerequisites for high division classes. This allowed me to knock out courses I would have needed to take at the university for a cheaper amount and a smaller class size

Katie Cook, Alumna and Equine Trainer

The outstanding quality of the academics in the LCCC equine program allowed me to greatly advance my knowledge and marketable skills by engaging all of my senses and allowing me to get hands-on in the learning process. The instructors and curriculum of the equine program carefully consider the learning style of each student and present information in away that is easily understood and which creates individuals who are marketable in the equine industry