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Associate of Arts

Do you want to inspire the next generation? The Elementary Education Concentration A.A. degree at Laramie County Community College (LCCC) is designed for freshman and sophomore students interested in pursuing a teaching career in an elementary (K-6) setting.  Students gain knowledge and skills by participating in student-centered activities, inquiry projects, and practical classroom experiences in public schools.

Students should consult a transfer institution regarding program requirements for the bachelor’s degree. Most school districts require anyone observing, volunteering, working, with students to submit to a background check. At LCCC, you will need to pass a background check before you begin your practicum in the public school setting. 

About the Job

Possible career options: Teacher at a public or private elementary school

Earnings information: From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

* In May of 2017, the median annual wage of kindergarten and elementary school teachers was $56,900.

Program of Study

For information about the courses required for this degree, students can view the Program of Study information in the LCCC catalog.  

Education Program Competencies. These competencies are based on the InTASC Standards. 
1. Recognize how diverse learners develop in cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical capacities. 
2. Create developmentally appropriate instructional strategies through the creation of authentic, meaningful learning experiences. 
3. Identify formative and summative assessment applications to improve both student learning and teacher decision-making. 
4. Reflect on one’s professional commitment, leadership ability, collaborative role, and ethical responsibility in order to improve pedagogical practice. 

Transfer Agreements with Four-Year Institutions: Program Articulation

LCCC has partnered with four-year institutions to articulate a way for students to transfer earned credits. These articulations are formal agreements between LCCC and the institution. These agreements match up coursework to make the transfer process smooth and to eliminate any duplication of courses. Any deviations from the prescribed course list will not articulate.

Cost of Attendance

For general college expense, students can view LCCC’s tuition and fees web page

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