Mass Media

Associate of Arts

The terms "journalism" and "mass communications" are umbrellas that span many career fields and interests. Students taking mass media classes often combine majors or minors in other fields to expand their career possibilities. Students are encouraged to take a broad base of general liberal arts courses that blend with the fundamental technical courses of media writing, editing, photography, broadcasting, and desktop publishing.

Laramie County Community College's mass media curriculum leads to an Associate of Arts degree and provides the basic requirements for a variety of specialized areas offered at four-year institutions. Students are encouraged to experiment in both print and broadcast journalism. Print journalism provides a strong background in reporting and newswriting, desktop publishing, and photography using the latest equipment. The campus newspaper, Wingspan, and literary-arts magazine, High Plains Register are produced entirely on campus by students, using their own fully equipped desktop publishing computer lab. For additional experience, college cooperative work experience credit is offered for internships with local media outlets, advertising/public relations firms, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

Nonmajors can benefit from journalism classes, especially Introduction to Mass Media, Photography, Desktop Publishing, and Publications Production.

Because of the numerous directions students can take in the field of mass communications, students are urged to work closely with their advisor in outlining a course of study that will meet their needs in obtaining a job or in transferring to a four-year institution.

Transfer Agreement with Four-Year Institution: Program Articulation

LCCC has partnered with a four-year institution to articulate a way for students to transfer earned credits. This articulation is a formal agreement between LCCC and the institution. This agreement matches up coursework to make the transfer process smooth and to eliminate any duplication of courses. Any deviations from the prescribed course list will not articulate.

Cost of Attendance

For general college expense, students can view LCCC’s tuition and fees Web page. Students in this program do not typically incur additional expenses.

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