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Associate of Applied Science

First Year

  Course Title Credits
  HVAC 1600 Mechanical Piping Systems 3
  HVAC 1610  Heating and Air Conditioning Principles 3
  HVAC 1620* Refrigeration Circuit Components (Spring Only) 3
  HVAC 1630* Energy Efficient Residential Heating Systems (Fall or Spring) 4
  IST 1710  DC Electricity 2
  IST 1711  DC Electrical Circuits 1
  IST 1712* AC Electricity 2
  IST 1713 AC Electrical Circuits 1
GenEd: CS COLS 1000 Introduction to College Success: First-Year Seminar 3
      Semester Credits 22
  Course Title Credits
  HVAC 1640* Automatic Building Controls (Fall Only) 3
  HVAC 1650* Residential Air Conditioning Systems (Fall or Spring) 3
  HVAC 1660* HVAC Distribution Systems (Fall Only) 3
  HVAC 1670* Light Commercial Refrigeration Systems (Fall Only)
GenEd: CW ENGL 1010*+ English I: Composition 3
      Semester Credits 15

Second Year

  Course Title Credits
  HMDV 1510 Success in the Workplace 3
  IST 1520 Introduction to Industrial Safety 1
  IST 1770*  Motors Controls 2
  IST 1771*  Motors Control and Circuits 1
  IST 1780* Electric Motors 2
  IST 1781* Electric Motors Circuits 1
GenEd: QR MATH 1510*+ -OR- Technical Mathematics I 3
GenEd: QR MATH 1010+ OR HIGHER Problem Solving 3
GenEd: WY ECON 1200* Economics, Law, and Government 3
      Semester Credits 16
  Course Title Credits
    Choose from faculty-approved elective courses 3
    Choose from faculty-approved elective courses 3
GenEd: CV  CO/M 2010*^ -OR-  Public Speaking 3
GenEd: CV  CO/M 1015*^ -OR-  Foundations of Communication 3
  CO/M 1030*^  Interpersonal Communication 3
      Semester Credits 9

Total Credits: 62

* This course has at least one prerequisite. Check the Course Descriptions section of the catalog to see the course prerequisites.
+ If the placement test score is not adequate for course enrollment, students must complete the appropriate developmental course(s) before enrolling. These courses may increase the total number of program credits. Students should review their math and writing placement with their advisor before planning out their full program schedules.
^ Program Comments
CO/M 1030 completed prior to the 2016-2017 academic year will satisfy the CV requirement for AAS degrees only for programs started during the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 academic years. Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year (catalog), CO/M 1030 will no longer satisfy the CV requirement for any degree.