Apply to the Program

Students are admitted to the HIT/M program in the Fall semester. Applications are due by August 10.   

Application Process

  1. Apply and be accepted to LCCC.
  2. Provide an official copy of all past high school and college transcripts to the LCCC Admissions office.  This step takes time, begin this early in the application process.

Complete Financial Aid requirements, as applicable.

Schedule and complete McCann and ALEKS placement tests in the LCCC Exam Lab. HITM students should contact the LCCC Testing Center via email to complete the ALEKS Math Placement and McCann College Success Exam remotely.  Please email the Center at from your Eagles Eye ( account to confirm to the Testing Center you are a fully online student working towards acceptance into the HITM program.  Instructions and information will be sent to your Eagles Eye account to proceed with testing.  Complete any additional steps the Center asks you to complete.
Complete and submit the HITM application and all other listed requirements to

Successful applicants will be notified of conditional acceptance by mail. To be considered for admittance to the fall semester, all completed applications must be received by AUG 10th with student notifications of acceptance by AUG 20th. 

Information on completing the background check and drug screen will be sent with the student's acceptance letter. Any associated fees will be the responsibility of the student. Generally, the urine drug test screens for alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or drugs that impair judgment. Testing positive on the screening, or evidence of tampering with a specimen will disqualify a student from participating in the program. In addition to drug screening, for the safety of patients and health care workers, elder and child abuse clearance and criminal background checks are required by some agencies prior to a clinical assignment. Certain criminal activity, as evidenced by a criminal background check, also may disqualify a student from clinical participation. For more information, please see the complete Health Sciences and Wellness Division Policy (pdf) for allied health students.