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Associate of Arts

First Year

  Course Title Credits
GenEd: CS  COLS 1000 Introduction to College Success: First-Year Seminar 3
GenEd: CA  PHIL 1000*^  Introduction to Philosophy 3
GenEd: CV CO/M 2010*  Public Speaking 3
GenEd: CW ENGL 1010*+  English I: Composition 3
GenEd: QR MATH 1000* -OR- Problem Solving 3
GenEd: QR MATH 1400+ -OR HIGHER- College Algebra 3
      Semester Credits 15
  Course Title Credits
ENGL 1020*
Composition II 3
  ENGL 2210* English Literature: Middle Ages to The Restoration 3
  ENGL 2020*^ Introduction to Literature 3
    Choose from first semester world-language courses. 
GenEd: LAB   Choose from approved Lab Science courses. 4
      Semester Credits 17

Second Year

  Course Title Credits
  ENGL 2220* -OR- English Literature: The Romantic Period to the Present (Spring Even Years) 3
  ENGL 2310* -OR- American Literature: Pre-Colonial to Civil War (Spring Odd Years) 3
  ENGL 2320* American Literature: Civil War to Present 3
    Choose from second semester world-language courses. 4
    Choose from 2000-level English courses.^ 3
GenEd: STEM    Choose from approved STEM courses. 3-4
GenEd: AA HUMN 1010*^ Introductory Humanities I 3
      Semester Credits 16-17
  Course Title Credits
  HUMN 1020*^  Introductory Humanities II 3
    Choose from 2000-level English courses.^ 3-4
    Choose from ART, CO/M, HUMN, MMMM, MUSC, PHIL, POLS, PSYC, SOC, THEA, or third semester world-language courses. 3-4
GenEd: WY HIST 1211* -OR- U.S. to 1865 3
GenEd: WY HIST 1221* U.S. from 1865 3
      Semester Credits 12-14

Total Credits: 60-63

* This course has at least one prerequisite. Check the Course Descriptions section of the catalog to see the course prerequisites.

+ If the placement test score is not adequate for course enrollment, students must complete the appropriate developmental course(s) before enrolling. These courses may increase the total number of program credits. Students should review their math and writing placement with their advisor before planning out their full program schedules.

^ Program Comments

PHIL 1000, HUMN 1010 and HUMN 1020 will all satisfy the general education cultural awareness requirement; however, note that those seeking an AA in English must complete all three at some point in their course sequence.

ENGL 2020, HUMN 1010 and HUMN 1020 will all satisfy the general education aesthetic analysis requirement; however, note that those seeking an AA in English must complete all three at some point in their course sequence.

Students may take any 2000-level ENGL course; however, students interested in transferring to another institution should consult a faculty advisor before selecting this course.

Learning Competencies

In the course of attaining an English A.A. degree at LCCC, students will practice critical thinking and achieve proficiency through

  • Conducting college-level research to apply in written texts that adhere to standard ethical practices;
  • Developing college-level reading skills, including annotation, comprehension, vocabulary identification, fluency, and synthesis;
  • Applying clear and concise writing skills for a variety of purposes and audiences that may include expository writing, literary analysis, and creative writing through production of multiple drafts;
  • Analyzing and evaluating the influence of diverse perspectives of gender, race, culture, class, sexuality, nationality, and identity represented in literature on authors' points of view;
  • Describing the chief characteristics of literary movements or periods and demonstrating how a particular work of literature exemplifies or deviates from the general characteristics of that movement or period; and
  • Identifying and evaluating a text's aesthetic qualities.