Credit Diploma

First Year

  Course Title Credits
  ENTK 1005*  Engineering Problem Solving with Spreadsheets  1
  ENTK 1740*  Architectural Building Information Modeling Design I  3
  ENTK 2500*  Computer-Aided Drafting I  3
  ENTK 2580*  MicroStation I 
    Choose from ENTK, GEOG or HVAC approved elective courses. 
      Semester Credits 13
  Course Title Credits
  ENTK 2505*  Computer-Aided Drafting II 
  ENTK 2510*  Computer-Aided Drafting III 
  ENTK 2520*  Advanced Mechanical Drafting 
  ENTK 2540*  Architectural Building Information Modeling Design II 
  ENTK 2550*  Civil Drafting Technology  3
      Semester Credits 15

Total Credits: 28

*This course has at least one prerequisite. Check the Course Descriptions section of the catalog to see the course prerequisites.

Learning Competencies

Program Level Competencies that align with ABET Criteria:

  1. Students interpret tests and measurements to analyze and solve narrowly defined engineering technology problems by applying principles and procedures or methodologies. (Align with ABET Criteria b & f)
  2. Students design systems, components, or processes to solve broadly-defined engineering problems. (Align with ABET Criteria c, d, & k)
  3. Students apply mathematics, science, and engineering concepts with modern technological tools to solve engineering problems. (Align with ABET Criteria a)