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Associate of Applied Science

General Education Courses (20 credit hours)
MATH 1400 – Pre-Calculus Algebra
ENGL 1010 – English I: Composition
POLS 1000 – American and Wyoming Government -OR-
HIST 1211 – U.S. to 1865 -OR-
HIST 1221 – U.S. from 1865 -OR-
HIST 1251 – Wyoming History -OR-
ECON 1200 – Economics, Law, and Government
CO/M 1010 – Public Speaking
Physical Education Activity
ECON 1000 – Survey of Economics (or higher)
COSC 1200 – Computer Information Systems
Program Requirements
Core Courses (10 credit hours)
BADM 1000 – Introduction to Business
COSC 1010 – Introduction to Computer Science I
IMGT 2400 – Introduction to Information Management (taken in the student’s final semester)
Areas of Specialization (34 credit hours)
Students must select courses from at least two of the following areas, for a minimum of 34 additional credit hours. All courses must approved by a program advisor.
Advisor-approved maximum of 6 credit hours in BADM, BUSN, MGT, ACCT
Cisco Networking
Advisor-approved courses in the Cisco Networking Certificates
Computer Security
Advisor-approved courses in the Computer Security Certificate
Computer Support Specialist
Advisor-approved courses in the Computer Support Specialist Certificate
Computer Technician
Advisor-approved courses in the Computer Technician Certificate
Linux Systems
Advisor-approved courses in the Linux Systems Certificate
Advisor-approved courses with an MSFT prefix.
Office Application Specialist
Advisor-approved courses in the Office Application Specialist Certificate
Advisor-approved courses in the Programmer Certificate
Web Design
Advisor-approved courses in the Web Design Certificate