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Want a career that will not only prepare you to make a good living, but also give you the tools to make the world a better place? Then the field of biology has opportunities for you!

Biology is a dynamic and rapidly changing field. Recent advancements in molecular and cellular biology have led to expanded employment opportunities for biological and life scientists. Students planning careers in biology, biochemistry, botany, forestry, microbiology, or zoology should complete this curriculum.

The successful completion of this program leads to an Associate of Science degree with anticipated transfer to a four-year program. The program plan provides flexibility for transfer. Students interested in the following professional fields may choose to follow the biology curriculum before transferring into medical-related professional programs such as dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, or veterinary medicine.

Please note: Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an adviser to determine courses that will transfer to the four-year college/program of their choice.

Preprofessional Option:


Biology PhotoProgram Advantages

  • LCCC biology's program leads to an Associate of Science degree and provides a seamless transfer to a Bachelor of Science degree in various fields.
  • The biology department at LCCC offers students a program that prepares them for active participation in the biological field, and teaches them to be scientifically literate members of our society.
  • Students have opportunities to conduct primary research, which can be presented at both local and regional levels, and may be submitted for publication in a scientific journal based on its merit. These opportunities are provided through funding from the National Institutes of Health Idea Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence program. Contact Ami Wangeline at if you are interested.
  • LCCC biology instructors are dedicated to help students find the right biology path and succeed.
  • Courses are available in biology, microbiology, zoology, chemistry, physics, geology and astronomy, making the program adaptable to a variety of interests and educational goals.
  • Scholarships are available to qualified students.

Please consult with a biology adviser to determine the courses most appropriate for your career goals.  

Career Opportunities

  • Upon completion of an Associate of Science degree in biology, graduates can find employment as laboratory technicians or research assistants in biological or medical laboratories.
  • Most biology students will transfer to four-year institutions to continue their education.
  • Employment opportunities for the professional biologist have expanded to include a broad range of fields such as ecology, agriculture, animal science, wildlife management, dentistry, human medicine, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, pharmacy and biotechnology.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Well-equipped general, biological and analytical facilities
  • Molecular biology and DNA manipulation equipment
  • Greenhouse for botanical experimentation
  • Wilderness research area near the Vedauwoo recreational area