Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree in Anthropology is designed primarily for the student who plans to transfer to a four-year institution and pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology. The program is designed around the requirements set by the University of Wyoming for a four-year degree in anthropology. The program can also help prepare the student in studies other than anthropology including prelaw, premedicine, predentistry, library paraprofessional, administration of justice, and aging and human development.

A world-language is not required for the Associate of Arts in Anthropology, but anthropology majors should be aware that most four-year colleges, including the University of Wyoming, require at least eight hours of a world-language for the BA degree.

Cost of Attendance

For general college expense, students can view LCCC’s tuition and fees Web page. There are generally no additional program-specific costs associated with the Anthropology Program.