LCCC Pathways Day

Mar. 4, 2020

Join us for a FREE day of hands-on exploration
of careers and programs. 

Choose from seven exciting Pathways.

Open to all high school juniors and seniors.
Space is limited, so register early.

You could even win scholarships to LCCC.

Registration closes Mar. 2.

Pathways Day Schedule

8 - 8:30 a.m. Check-in 
8:30 - 9 a.m. Welcome by LCCC President Joe Schaffer and Superintendent of LCSD#1 Boyd Brown 
9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Hands-on Tracks
12 - 12:45 p.m. Lunch
12:45 - 1 p.m. Awards and Wrap-Up

What is a Pathway?

A Pathway is a set of related programs grouped together to allow for exploration in multiple areas with low risk of wasting credits or semesters. Take a minute and look into what Pathway interests to you.

Not sure what to pick? Career Coach's assessment can help.


Pick a Pathway to Explore:

icon for agriculture and equine pathway

Agriculture & Equine Pathway (limited to 60 participants)

Equine Careers: Students will rotate between two demonstrations. The first experience will show how a horse started in the round pen in preparation for saddling. During this session, students will learn the basics of horse behavior and starting a horse. The second session will be an interactive demonstration of the horse's digestive system. There will also be a discussion with an industry representative over feeds and feeding.

Natural Resource Careers: Explore careers in Natural Resources including rangeland management, soil science, hydrology, and reclamation. Hands on practice testing soils and water quality, range plant identification, and experience with the stream table. Also opportunity to meet and ask questions with a conservationist.

Domestic Livestock Reproduction and Careers in Ag: Hands-on exploration of cattle, sheep, and swine reproduction systems and learn how understanding livestock reproduction systems are critical for successful livestock management. Students will investigate careers and opportunities in many areas of agriculture.

icon for the business and accounting pathway

Business & Accounting Pathway (limited to 60 participants)

Business Trivial Pursuit!: Students will engage in a Trivial Pursuit Style team competition – categories in economics, marketing, accounting, management, and entrepreneurship. Questions will be based on a business in each category. Scoring will be in a range and the highest scoring team will win prizes.


icon for the communication and creative arts pathway

Communication & Creative Arts Pathway 

  • Music (limited to 20 participants): Discover the joy of music and its impact on human culture! Students will take a look at the variety of disciplines within the music field through three sessions:
  1. A hands-on experience of music through singing, movement and exploration of musical skills.
  2. A live performance and introduction to improvisation with an open Q&A.
  3. An interactive listening session engaging history, composition, lyric interpretation and musical structure.

  • Creative (Art & Theatre) (limited to 18 participants): Explore your opportunities through Art and Theatre in this hands-on track:
  • A Play in an Hour: Improvisation and Writing
  • Explore visual narratives through the creation of a comic strip
  • Art History and Popular Culture

icon for health sciences and wellness pathway

Health Sciences & Wellness Pathway (limited to 60 participants)

Put yourself in the shoes of a patient and discover how the different areas of a hospital work together in this track.

icon for human and public services pathway

Human & Public Services Pathway (limited to 25 participants)

Psychology Rotation: Personality and Intelligence Testing; the power of the mind

Mingle Session: Get to know the Psychology and Criminal Justice faculty and ask questions of students currently in the programs

Criminal Justice Rotation - Fingerprinting - ARP Criminal Justice Lab

icon for science, technology, engineering and math pathway

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Pathway 

  • STEM (limited to 20 participants): Explore the opportunities science, technology, and engineering provide you when you choose this track.

  • Science (limited to 20 participants): Do you enjoy performing experiments and learning how things work? Choose this track to explore the endless possibilities in this field.

  • Explore All Things Computers! (limited to 60 participants): Students will have a first look at the new LCCC CyberCity and launch a cyber-attack within the tactile learning environment as well as:
  1. Practical Programming – students will program traffic lights using arduino controllers
  2. Inside a PC – students explore the inner workings of servers and desktop PCs
  3. Optimizing your Network – student learn how to adjust settings on their home network equipment for things like remote access and gaming

icon for trades and technical studies pathway

Trades & Technical Studies Pathway 

  • Welders - Spark your Future! (limited to 40 participants): Tour the welding shop and learn the basics of welding. Try your hand at welding. Students are asked to bring a helmet, shirts, and gloves if they have them.

  • Transportation Track (limited to 45 participants): Students will have the opportunity to explore: 
  1. Automotive Refinishing – students will explore the equipment and techniques used in vehicle refinishing including spray gun operation and masking. Using a paint gun, students will demonstrate material application, gun set-back and overlap by spraying the front clip of a vehicle. Students will also mask various items on a vehicle to demonstrate pre-paint preparation.
  2. Automotive Technology – Students will explore the equipment and automotive technology shop and learn about career opportunities in this industry. Students will then blow up an air bag and see how the mechanisms work.
  3. Diesel – students will learn how air conditioning and HVAC units on a diesel truck function and the physics behind its operation. Meet industry representatives to learn about career opportunities in the diesel industry.
  • Get on Track with HVAC (limited to 12 participants): Students will learn the mad skill of permanently connecting copper tubing using a torch (3X hotter than lava) and silver brazing rods. This skill is critical to the Heating Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) Technician (who makes about $48k a year). The joint must be able to take extreme pressure (up to 600 psi) and heat. A badly brazed joint will eventually cause a catastrophic system failure. Almost every industry depends on some type of HVAC system.

  • Fall - IST & Wind Energy (limited to 12 participants): Students in this session will be learn what it takes to prevent gravity and a 300 foot free-fall from ruining a perfectly good day. Every day, technicians risk their lives climbing structures that allow you to send a text message and charge your cell phone. They depend on their fall protection gear to keep them safe. Students will experience what it takes to survive working at heights and watch Kenny, a 230 pound mannequin, put his fall arrest equipment to the test.