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Equestrian team places 12 athletes in UNL Western Show

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Jordan Matthews and Annie Hoag have qualified for western regionals.

The Laramie County Community College equestrian team travelled to its final horse show for the fall hosted by the University of Nebraska in Lincoln on Nov. 12. There were two shows hosted in one day, making for a grueling day of competition. Overall LCCC had a tough time with team placings, but individually the members were strong. The team is currently ranked sixth out of 10 teams in the region.

At this point in the season, the team members who have qualified for western regionals are Jordan Matthews and Annie Hoag.

Individual Results:
· Kayla Fisk placed fourth and sixth in open reining and fourth in open horsemanship
· Jamie Johnson placed fifth both shows in open horsemanship
· Leah Santillanes placed second and third in advanced horsemanship
· Amanda Heller placed first in intermediate II horsemanship
· Annie Hoag placed sixth and seventh in intermediate II horsemanship
· Candice Lahners third and sixth in intermediate II horsemanship
· Brittany DeMartin placed second and third in intermediate I horsemanship
· Hannah Martin placed fifth both shows in intermediate I horsemanship
· Jessie Johnson placed sixth both shows in beginner horsemanship
· Lily Crawford placed first and fifth in beginner horsemanship
· Adrian Parman placed second in beginner horsemanship
· Kailey Kaufmann placed third in beginner horsemanship

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