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LCCC joins Union Pacific's efforts to beautify railyard

Monday, April 19, 2010
The event coincides with Earth Day.
Union Pacific Railroad, Laramie County Community College and several other organizations are kicking off a landscape project at the entrance to the Union Pacific Steam Shop and Roundhouse on railroad’s property along Ames and Pacific avenues. The project, known as “Steamin’ for Green,” is aimed at stopping erosion of the steep slopes in those areas.

“LCCC is pleased to partner with the Union Pacific in an effort to beautify our community,” said Jeri Griego, LCCC’s service learning coordinator. “The Union Pacific has generously donated to our Service Learning Program, and we are honored to be asked to assist them in one of their service projects.”

Union Pacific will invest more than $400,000 to grade, level and landscape the steep slopes near Ames Avenue and Union Pacific Avenue. The project has been named Steamin’ for Green because the improvements will eliminate the sedimentation run-off near the entrance to the Union Pacific Steam Shop and historic roundhouse at the Cheyenne railyard.

“We are excited that there are so many individuals from various area organizations volunteer to join Union Pacific on this project,” said Dick Hartman, director of public affairs for Wyoming and Colorado. “This will benefit the environment by stopping the soil erosion and beautifying this area of our rail yard.”
The beautification effort will kick off with a media day at 4 p.m. April 20 near Ames Avenue and Union Pacific Avenue. LCCC also invites the campus community to be involved in the actual project, which will take place in late August or early September.

The other organizations participating in the Steamin’ for the Green project include the City of Cheyenne, State Department of Environmental Quality, Lowe's and Boy Scout Troop 101.

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