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College unveils new athletics logo

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
"Angry bird" takes over for Golden Eagles.

Laramie County Community College’s Golden Eagle athletics logo has received a major overhaul. The bird has gone from soft and friendly to tough and intimidating. The Golden Eagle athletics logo that served as the graphical identity for LCCC sports from 2002-2011 served the college well, but has now evolved into a stronger, angrier bird that better represents the competitive level of the Golden Eagle athletic teams. Watch the video about the logo's creation. 

Ruffled Feathers

The design is sleek and sharp to represent the sportsmanship and toughness of our student-athletes. The feathers and outlining boldly showcase the college’s blue and gold colors, with supporting colors to add to the richness of the design. The angle of the head and eager eye show that it is ready to attack and take on any opponent. The feathers ruffle with imperfection like an actual golden eagle. They come to a sharp point to intimidate any foe who challenges it.

Breaking Out of the Shell

The redesign was requested by LCCC’s Athletic Director, Jason Ficca. The Public Relations office supported the idea and went through different designs and concepts before finding the appropriate look. Public Relations employee and LCCC multimedia student Scott Souder is the designer responsible for this new look. He pulled inspiration from professional team logos, college team artwork and photography of golden eagles. Once the new look was close to finalized, the design was shown to the Associated Student Government leadership team to gain the support of the student body and was welcomed with a standing ovation. The logo was then reviewed and approved by the college’s president’s cabinet.

Taking Flight

The new logo will begin to be seen in the upcoming athletic season on the athletes’ equipment and attire, as well as promotional materials, the website and fan apparel. The old logo will still be seen in some areas, but the process of phasing it out has begun. Download your own and learn about usage guidelines.

Family Tree

The full bodied Golden Eagle was the first graphical identity of LCCC sports, when athletics made its return to the college in 2002. The Brown and Gold Outlet created the design. In 2007 the logo had its first change and became just the eagle head. This new logo is the latest step in the evolution.
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