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Theater announces Company List for spring production

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Students and community members will present Hamlet in April.

The LCCC Department of Theatrical Pomp And Bombast
Will Present
By Permission of The Dramatists Play Service
A Most Agreeable Comedie

I Hate Hamlet


 The Players

Andrew Rally

Mr. Mark Schaad

Sir John Barrymore

Mr. Dave Hall

Deirdre McDavey

Ms. Stephanie Haecker

Felicia Dantine

Ms. Kelly Barrett

Gary P. Lefkowitz

Mr. Dominic Syracuse

Lillian Troy

Ms. Shelly Russell

The Company

The Ryghte Hounourable Director

Jason Pasqua

Those Who Are Assistants to
The Ryghte Hounourable Director

Nichole Andrus, James Sweazea

Those Who Are Masters of Auditory Pleasure

Jason Pasqua and Team TBA

The Master of False Swordplay

Jason Pasqua

Assistant to the Master of False Swordplay

James Sweazea

Those Who Are Masters of Costume and Frippery

Victoria Anderson and Team TBA

Those Who Are Masters of Illumination and That Strange Magic Which is Called Electricity

Andrew Killion, Abe Phelps, and Team TBA

Those Who Are Masters of Property and Sundries

Anna Katen and Team TBA

Those Managers of the Stage

Nichole Andrus, James Sweazea

Those Assistants to the Managers of the Stage

Team TBA

Those Masters of the Fine Art of Sturdy Construction

Jeff Tish and The Stagecraft Class, Team TBA


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