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LCCC Speech and Debate Team cleans up at Flatland Fiesta

Wednesday, February 03, 2010
LCCC tied for first place in Debate Team Sweepstakes.
The LCCC Speech and Debate team hosted its annual college speech tournament, the Flatland Fiesta, the last weekend in January. It was the largest tournament the college has ever hosted and had 17 schools from seven different states. Three separate tournaments were held. LCCC students competed with some of the best in the nation.

On Friday, in Parliamentary Debate, Novice Division (first-year students), LCCC had three teams entered, and they all three placed in the top five. Dominic Syracuse and Brittney Thaler finished in second place; Weston Fitzgerald and Ben Wheeler earned third place; and Conroy Stout and Mark Schaad took fifth place.

Conroy Stout was named third-best speaker; Ben Wheeler was named the sixth-best speaker; Brittney Thaler was named the seventh-best speaker; and Weston Fitzgerald was named the eighth-best speaker in the division. Kirsten Ryel was named sixth-best speaker in the Open Division. The team tied with Northwest College in Powell for first place in Debate Team Sweepstakes.

On Saturday, LCCC hosted its individual events tournament. Mark Schaad and Dominic Syracuse earned second place in Duet Interpretation; Dominic Syracuse was first in Dramatic Interpretation and tenth in After Dinner Speaking; and Brittney Thaler was tenth in Extemporaneous Speaking.

On Sunday, Nebraska’s Hastings College hosted its individual events tournament at LCCC. In that competition, Dominic Syracuse took third in Dramatic Interpretation and ninth in After Dinner Speaking; Dominic Syracuse and Mark Schaad were sixth in Duet Interpretation; and Conroy Stout was tenth in Impromptu Speaking.

Dominic Syracuse has now qualified to attend the American Forensics Association National Individual Events Tournament to be held in Eau-Claire, Wisc., in April. The AFA is the University and four-year college national tournament. Dominic had to advance to the finals three times to qualify his Dramatic Interpretation and place in the top three.

The team will be traveling to Colorado Springs, Colo., at the end of February to attend the District Nine AFA-NIET Qualifiers.

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