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LCCC instructor publishes 'The Disappearing Cowboy Trick'

Friday, August 10, 2012
Kristin Abraham's cowboy poems will hit the press in 2013.
Laramie County Community College English instructor Kristin Abraham has put together another fine collection of writing. "The Disappearing Cowboy Trick" is the latest book written by the author of "Little Red Riding Hood Missed the Bus" and "Orange Reminds You of Listening."

"The Disappearing Cowboy Trick" is a compilation of what Abraham calls “cowboy poems,” as well as several Little Red Riding Hood poems.

“The cowboy poems take inspiration from language in a book called Cowboy Lingo by Ramon F. Adams,” Abraham says. “They are also obliquely influenced by Mormon language and history, as well as Depression-era circuses and sideshows. Overall, these poems are inspired by language and imagery, as opposed to any recognizable histories or narratives.”

The Disappearing Cowboy Trick

He’d felt it at birth, this wreck, he’d
predicted. Our days stopping up
that slot in the sky. He’d felt it, that omen,
sun-beaten, that vision. His curse to bear witness,
to proselytize: they have a stink, these bodies,
full of nothings and nevers. They’re forged
out of woodsharps: our hands full, our eyes.
Less than dolls, he told us, our hearts dented
dollars, dull dollars, poor flies. And this ending,
this moment, one way to unfold—It’s done.
Quick as thought, our chalk teeth dissolve. Not one
spreads his wings, not one self expunged. Can’t
cogitate scapegrace, repetition or rapture—
Mercy by now a million thumbs in our eyes.

"The Disappearing Cowboy Trick" will be released by Horse Less Press in June 2013.

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