Two LCCC students selected for fire science ambassador program

CHEYENNE, WYO. – Joshua Kourajian and Alex Williams, both students in Laramie County Community College’s fire science program, recently received some exciting news.

In a competitive application process, the two were among only 100 students across North America selected for the ambassador program of Fire House World 2016, one of the largest annual conferences for firefighters and others in the fire science field.

This is the first time LCCC students have received this honor, according to Nick Siemens, fire science technology coordinator at the college.

In addition to volunteering at the event in a variety of support roles, these students will engage in special classes and meet with various subject matter experts in the field. Additionally, this will greatly improve their chances for advancing their careers.

The job is extremely challenging, but these students are ready for the obstacles that come their way.

 “It's demanding physically and mentally, which I love,” Kourajian said. “The availability to be the one to help a person in their worst hour is very humbling makes me feel like I can actually make a difference.”

They also know how vital opportunities like this ambassadorship can be.

 “With new science coming out, it’s extremely valuable to have the overall knowledge about what we're up against,” Williams said. “We take building construction, fire dynamics, strategies and tactics, so that we can put all those pieces together to safely and effectively do our job.”

Kourajian and Williams also work with Laramie County Fire District No. 2. The district has a program that helps pay for the students’ schooling and related expenses.

The conference takes place in San Diego beginning Jan. 31.