Program director represents U.S. at renewable energy event

John Lamorie, director of Laramie County Community College’s wind energy program, recently traveled to Australia to represent the United States in an exchange program focusing on renewable energy.

A diverse team of eighteen experts across the country was selected to participate in the event, which was sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Lamorie was one of only two wind energy representatives from the U.S. and the only representative from Wyoming. He was chosen because of his nationally recognized role as a leader in the field and his expertise in developing a strong energy program at LCCC.

During the exchange, Lamorie found that wind training at the technician level in Australia was virtually non-existent. However, the people there are genuinely concerned for the environment and are trying to educate the population about the practice of sustainability. Lamorie’s experience, knowledge and background proved incredibly helpful in the process.
“I was surprised that several of the contacts I made in Australia already knew of the training that LCCC currently provides,” Lamorie said. “This was also true of our own delegation. LCCC is well known around the country.”

Lamorie gives credit to the entire wind energy team at LCCC for the program’s success and recognition. “You have to look no further than the wind lab to see quantifiable results of what we’ve accomplished. We have a state-of-art, hands-on facility that has no equal in the U.S.”

Lamorie plans to continue work with representatives of the Australian team and to assist them in developing wind energy programs that can have a positive impact on the environment and the industry, similar to what he’s done with LCCC.