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Diana%20Wilson (Interim) 

James%20Miller (Interim)

Zeke Sorenson (On Sabbatical for Fall 2020)

Zeke is the Coordinator for Student Engagement & Diversity. He was born in South Korea into a military family and lived there until he was six. He grew up most of his early childhood and adolescent life in the state of Washington. Zeke enjoys gaming  and traveling when he gets the time to do it. Zeke is a strong advocate for students and their rights as well as equality for all.

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Senators Elected for 2020-2020 Term in the Spring 2019 Elections. Fall 2020 Elections will take place in September to fill additional spots!

  • Cole Church
  • Jenna Tast
  • Karyn Forbes
  • Samantha Hensley
  • Caleb Davis, Senator

Student Government currently has open positions in all schools! Consider applying to run in the Fall 2020 election to serve as a Senator for the 2020-2021 Term!!!

Apply to run in the Fall 2020 elections to serve as a Senator for the 2020-2021 term!