College Planning

College and Career Planning with GEAR UP  - It's about YOU!

GEAR UP LCCC promotes academic achievement and gives students the resources and skills they need to accomplish their educational dreams.

7th Grade

  • Identify skills and learning styles
  • Set personal goals for success
  • Start your academic plan for the future

8th Grade

  • Build study skills
  • Overcome academic obstacles
  • Make high school choices and course decisions

9th Grade

  • Take ownership of your education
  • Link hobbies and interests with possible careers
  • Build your personal support network

10th Grade

  • Become a lifelong learner
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities and volunteering
  • Research majors, colleges, and careers

11th Grade

  • Make sure you are on track to meet graduation requirements
  • Prioritize college characteristics and visit schools
  • Register for SAT or ACT

12th Grade

  • Register for SAT or ACT
  • Make your final college choices
  • Maintain academic excellence
  • Get ready for college success

1st Year College

  • Register for classes
  • Connect with campus resources
  • Maintain academic excellence