Partnership Diploma Program

The Partnership Diploma Program lets high school students obtain a high school diploma from their respective high school through a customized learning experience. Students complete all Laramie County School District #1 competencies utilizing one-on-one learning with a certified instructor, online learning and projects-based learning rather than participating in a traditional classroom. Only students with extenuating circumstances who also meet eligibility and referral requirements will be admitted into the program.

Please contact us for more information on eligibility, required academics and credit and the referral process.


All students must:
  • Be between the ages of 17-21
  • Have earned at least 16 high school credits
  • Achieved a Level 3 or higher in the Reading for Information WorkKeys Assessment  
  • Have completed at least one high school credit in a required social studies course
  • Have earned credit in Health 3
  • Have earned credit in PE 3
  • Not been expelled or suspended long-term from any district currently
  • Be referred to the program from a LCSD#1 high school
  • Commit to participate fully and attend on a regular basis