Campus Safety Academy Instructors

John Gay

Detective John Gay has been employed with the Cheyenne Police Department for 14 years. Prior to this, he was a dispatcher for the Wyoming Highway Patrol. Gay has been assigned to the patrol division, crime lab and traffic enforcement unit. He has spent more than five years specializing in crimes including sexual assault, child abuse and neglect, child homicide, computer and high-tech, and narcotics investigations.

He is part of the Major Crime Scene Investigation Unit and specializes in bloodstain pattern analysis. Gay is also a POST-certified instructor in underage alcohol enforcement, internet safety, crime scene investigation, and more. A member of the US Marshal's Fugitive Task Force, Detective Gay has also been a regular guest lecturer at Laramie County Community College for several years. He is currently assigned to the police department's Community Action Team and is also tasked as the department's Alcohol and Tobacco compliance officer.

Donald F. Heiduck

Deputy Sheriff Don Heiduck has been with the Laramie County Sheriff's Department since 1993. Assigned to the detective division, he serves as a crime scene investigator and crime scene technician.

During that time, his broad responsibilities include collecting and processing evidence secured from a crime scene, processing items for latent fingerprints for examinations. Prepare written narrative reports and evidence for storage until judicial proceedings. Conduct inked fingerprint comparison/elimination examinations for identification determination in courtroom proceedings.

He holds extensive experience in providing court testimony at the federal and state levels, in such areas as fingerprint processing, photo lineup preparation, and crime scene photography.