LCCC adjunct faculty Amanda Moeller helps take surgery in Cheyenne to a new level

Amanda Moeller
Amanda Moeller, adjunct faculty for LCCC's surgical technology program, will serve as the "lead tech" for a new robotic surgery team at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Michael Smith/LCCC

Amanda Moeller, adjunct faculty for LCCC’s surgical technology program, recently had an extraordinary opportunity: she was chosen as the “lead tech” for a new robotic surgery team at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.

In addition to her teaching duties at the college, Moeller works as a surgical technologist at CRMC. She was selected as the first to be trained on the new robotic equipment and the employee to serve as the lead in a public demonstration.

“I can’t even put into words how amazing it is to have this equipment,” said Moeller, who is also a graduate of the LCCC program.

This type of technology allows a variety of procedures to now become minimally invasive. It offers more articulations than a human hand and is extremely convenient to use with intense magnification that allows the surgeon to view the happenings in 3D. While this robot will primarily be used during abdominal procedures, it can also be used for such surgeries as thoracic, cardiac, ENT and more.

Moeller intends to use her experience with this as a tool to help her students at LCCC. As the field of surgical technology becomes more advanced, these students will need to have an exposure to and understanding of equipment such as this. Rather than just reading about it in a text book, Moeller can give a much more thorough first hand exposure to the robot.

This is the first surgical robot to be used in Cheyenne, and this particular model is the first of its kind in the state. The first surgery to use this technology is scheduled for Nov. 16.