Megan Candelaria

Megan Candelaria

Instructor, Math, Albany County Campus

Primary Phone: 307.772.4278

Office: Albany County Campus 213

Megan S. Candelaria, a life-long Wyoming resident, grew up in Sundance, the small-town that gave Henry Longbaugh the moniker "The Sundance Kid." Although she began her university career as a pre-law major, reading her first law brief quickly dissuaded her of that idea, and she eventually fell into a physics/mathematics major.

Megan received a bachelors in mathematics and physics (2006), a masters in mathematics (2009) and is currently finishing a doctorate in mathematics education at the University of Wyoming. Her research focuses on pre-service mathematics courses for teachers and answering the question: How can we encourage deep understanding of (and enthusiasm for) mathematics in our teachers?

Megan is currently a faculty member of Laramie County Community College, where she teaches everything from college algebra to differential equations. Megan also works for the Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium coordinating STEM outreach efforts in the state of Wyoming.

Megan lives in Laramie, Wyoming, with her husband, Reynold and son Maxx as well as the family's two dogs and a crazy cat affectionately nicknamed 'the Monster.' She's an animal lover, an outdoor enthusiast and a bibliophile. In her free time, she enjoys epically failing at various Pinterest projects.