Do I Need to Take a Placement Test?

In order to register for most classes, LCCC needs to first assess students' skill levels in key areas – English and math. Without placement (either high school GPA, HiSET scores, ACT scores, placement test scores, or transfer credit), there are very few classes that students can register for.

Admission to LCCC is not based on placement. This information is just used to ensure students are taking the classes that will help them be most successful. There are various ways that we can assess students' skill levels in these areas. Use the toggle boxes below to find out your placement method.

English placement at LCCC can be determined by:

  • Final high school cumulative GPA* OR
  • Reading ACT Score OR
  • HiSET Scores OR
  • Previously earned college credit (subject to transcript evaluation by the Office of the Registrar)

    *Current high school seniors can use their junior year or first semester senior year GPA to be considered for placement prior to graduation.

Students who do not meet one of these criteria for placement should contact the LCCC Admissions Office to discuss alternative options.

Students should discuss scores with their advisor to ensure proper placement has been met.

Placement information must be received and entered in the student file prior to course registration.



ACT Reading Score


HiSET Combined Reading & Writing

LCCC Course

2.49 and below 14 and below 24 ENGL 0810 Fundamentals of Reading and Writing
2.5-2.99 15-17 25-29 ENGL 0910 w/ ENGL 1010 Literacy Enhancement for Composition I w/ English I: Composition
3.0 and above 18 and above 30 and above ENGL 1010 English I: Composition

Do you have a final* high school GPA of 3.0 or higher?

Students with a high school final GPA of 3.0 or higher are placed directly into college-level math (multiple course options, which vary by program of study. Click here to view placement/course levels.**)

Do you have a Math ACT Score of at least 19?

Students with a Math ACT Score of at least 19 are placed directly into college-level math (multiple course options, which vary by program of study. Click here to view placement/course levels.**)

Do you have previous college credit that includes college-level math?

If your credit is from an institution other than LCCC, official college transcripts should be sent to LCCC so that transfer credit can be evaluated. Please note that college transcripts take up to 15-20 business days to be fully evaluated, once received. Lower division, freshman, and sophomore college-level courses completed with a grade of C or higher from regionally accredited institutions may be accepted in transfer. (Refer to the LCCC Catalog for detailed information on transfer policies).

Once your transcript has been evaluated, transfer credits will be visible on your Unofficial Transcript in your myLCCC account. Specifics of transfer courses and equivalencies should be discussed with your advisor.

You will need to take the ALEKS Math Placement exam for math placement at LCCC. Click here for details.

Students who are on active duty in the U.S. Military are not required to complete placement testing and are placed directly into college-level English and math** courses. Documentation is required for this and military students should inquire at the Student Hub for details.

**There may be multiple course options for each math placement level. The math course(s) a student should take vary based on their intended program of study. Students will discuss this in further detail with their advisor.

Click here to see the PDF of placement test scores and course levels.