English as a Second Language

Laramie County Community College transforms lives through the power of inspired learning. The college’s dedication and commitment to providing a true and enriching experience affords students with a first-class English as a Second Language program, which is a premiere choice for students looking to improve their English and skills to continue their education at the collegiate level.

  • "ESL at LCCC helped me a lot as an international student to learn the language and the different culture. It prepared me for the next level classes so I could feel confident to talk in front of other people in English."

    – Alexandra Manolova, Bulgaria

  • "ESL at LCCC helped me through the most difficult time when I first came into U.S. I learned language as well as had fun because I made friends with the people from all over the world. The experiences from ESL at LCCC is essential for my academic life in the future."

    – Weikang Ma, China

  • "ESL at LCCC helped me to improve my English, learn some everyday American culture and give me an opportunity to communicate with students worldwide."

    – Qi Wang, China