Students can’t “pass” or “fail” the tests. However, the test results are used to determine whether students will need some review (in a developmental course) or if they can start in a college-level course. Students don't earn credit toward their degree for developmental courses, and they don't transfer. It's important students prepare and do their best to save time and money.

The ALEKS math test provides an initial assessment and creates review modules tailored to you!  To begin the ALEKS testing process, you must have a completed application file.  After your LCCC admissions application and transcripts have been processed, your student EaglesEye account will be created.  Once you are logged into your EaglesEye account, click on the placement link, which will direct you to specifics about taking the ALEKS practice test and review.  You must wait 24 hours and do at least three hours of review before you can come to the Testing Center and take a placement test.

There are no recommended study resources for the McCann English/reading tests. Students are advised to do their best on the McCann test. Students can retake the McCann English and/or reading tests at an LCCC Testing Center but should be aware that there is a $5 fee per subject retest and a limit of two retests for each subject.