TEAS Nurse Entrance Test


  • Required to start first semester of nursing program
  • Fee of $65.00. Pay at LCCC cashier. Bring receipt day of test
  • Timed 3 hour test with 180 multiple choice questions.
  • Overall score meet or exceed national mean. Currently overall score 65.6 AND reading score of 72.4 on same test
  • Passing scores valid for 3 years.
  • There is a 3 week waiting period between tests.
  • Two tests in a twelve month period. (e.g., tested on 9/9/2018. Window until 9/9/2019 to take retest).
  • If unsuccessful, there is a 1 year waiting period from the date of the last test.

Exam Registration

  • By appointment only. Email examlabFREELARAMIE OR call 307.778.1274 OR make appointment in person (Exam Lab: Clay Pathfinder Building, Room 119 on the Cheyenne campus)
  • Photo ID (Government issued--driver’s license, military ID, passport, state ID) must be shown on the day of the test

Exam Details

  • Computerized with immediate scoring.
  • 4 subject areas: reading, math, science, and English
  • Timer at top of screen.
  • Answers left blank will be counted incorrect, so make a guess.
  • Scratch paper and pencil provided. Calculator on screen

Content Area

Number of Test Items

Time Allowed

Reading  53  64 minutes  
 Math  36  54 minutes
Science   53 63 minutes
English   28 28 minutes
  • Reading: Reading comprehension. Multi paragraph passages, charts, maps, labels, measuring tools, and directions. 
  • Math: Algebra, data interpretation, numbers (adding, subtracting, multiplication, division), measurement (metric, dimensions, weight and volume) 
  • Science: Human anatomy & Physiology (circulatory, nervous, digestive, respiratory, and immune systems), life & physical science, scientific reasoning
  • English: Grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and contextual words

Study Materials

No specific review guide recommended. Check the Internet, library, or bookstore for a review guide.