LCCC's Countdown to Canvas

LCCC is transitioning to a new learning management system (LMS) called Canvas.

LCCC and several partners throughout Wyoming have confidently chosen Canvas as their LMS. Very soon, faculty and students across the state will be introduced to the elegant simplicity of Canvas.

LCCC instructors have gained access to many support resources and have already engaged in several hours of live webinar training in Canvas. The Faculty Vanguards strengthened their collective toolbox in a nine-hour training in Casper in late February. And in late March, all LCCC faculty had the opportunity to take part in on-site training in Cheyenne.

LCCC students in the Dental Hygiene program started using Canvas in April. They've characterized the transition from D2L as "easy and seamless" and are especially appreciative of the ability to call Canvas for help at any time. All Summer 2018 courses will be conducted in Canvas. This resource was developed to help students gain access to the LMS in preparation for their courses.

The conversation surrounding this collaborative initiative continues across the state. Tap into the growing excitement via CanvasHQ, the CET-sponsored online conversation about all things Canvas!

Canvas panda





staff working on the Canvas transition
The Canvas transition team includes several Faculty Vanguards who will provide invaluable support as the countdown to Canvas continues.

D2L Disappears In…


Canvas is here!