Our Future

Building Forward Capital Campaign

Work on the Flexible Industrial Technology building and the Student Services and University Center is moving forward. Both of these facilities will strengthen the service and opportunities LCCC will provide to students, employers and the community. 

Construction Update

People can learn more about the two buildings and get construction updates by visit the Flexible Industrial Technology Web page and the Student Services & University Center Web page

  • LCCC campus expansion
  • LCCC campus expansion
  • LCCC campus expansion
  • LCCC campus expansion
  • LCCC campus expansion
  • LCCC campus expansion

Strategic Plan

LCCC invites college and community stakeholders to visit the Strategic Plan Web pages to learn more about the 2013-2020 comprehensive strategic plan.

The plan outlines the mission statement, vision and values of the college and how they relate to educating students. It also contains four strategic goals with accompanying strategies and targeted outcomes that the college will use to evaluate its success.

Below is the strategic plan process that was used to create the plan:  

Strategic Plan Process

  1. Strategic Planning Overview
  2. Strategic Planning Team and Timeline
  3. Step 1: Environmental Scanning
  4. Step 2: Mission, Vision and Values
  5. Step 3: Developing the Plan

The LCCC Board of Trustees thanks those who contributed to this new strategic plan, including the LCCC President's Cabinet, the staff and faculty at LCCC, the Wyoming Community College Commission, members of the local business community, the Albany County Campus and the many friends of LCCC.