Budget Resource and Allocation Committee - Cindy Henning, Chad Marley, and Jayne Myrick, Co-Chairs


  • Kim Bender, AVP of Institutional Effectiveness*
  • Monica Benes, Mathematics Instructor
  • Nycole Courtney, Director of ACC Student Services
  • Cindy Henning, Physical Education Instructor Coordinator
  • Sabrina Lane, Accounting Compliance Supervisor
  • Chad Marley, Chief Technology Officer*
  • Jayne Myrick, Budget Coordinator*
  • Jason Ostrowski, Residential Living Director
  • Caroline Ross, Science Lab Coordinator*
  • Jodi Weppner, Justice Studies Coordinator*
  • Bill Zink, Physical Plant Assistant Director
The Budget Resource and Allocation Committee is responsible for providing a college-wide perspective on the budget development process, offering objective, unbiased review of budgets of individual areas on campus, providing support for those areas in completing required forms, examining areas for efficiency or needs, and initially forming a recommendation for the College's budget to College Council and the President. This group also facilitates the process for collecting, examining, and ranking requests for one-time and/or strategic initiative funds. The committee may facilitate the process for collecting, examining, and ranking requests for new staff.
Institutional Effectiveness - Ann Murray, Chair


  • Amy Ehlman, Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant
  • Karen Lange, Library Director
  • Ann Murray, Institutional Research Manager*
  • Ed Olson, Integrated Systems Training Lab Program Director/Instructor
  • Chrissy Renfro, Advising and Career Services Director*
  • Shannon Zavorka, ACC Math Instructor

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the institution, and/or campus AQIP, operational plan, and strategic initiatives through the collection and analysis of evidence and data related to these activities. A key component of this committee is to collect, analyze, and inform the planning and resource allocation process based on the performance of the institution as measured by the College's Key Performance Indicators.  
*Serve on College Council