Systems Portfolio

Laramie County Community College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The college has made the commitment to the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) for re-accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission and was accepted into the AQIP program in 2006.

System Portofolio, 2018

Laramie County Community College building


1 Helping Students Learn Introduction
1.1 Common Learning Outcomes
1.2 Program Learning Outcomes
1.3 Academic Program Design
1.4 Academic Program Quality
1.5 Academic Integrity

2 Meeting Student and Other Key Stakeholder Needs Introduction
2.1 Current and Prospective Student Need
2.2 Retention, Persistence, and Completion
2.3 Key Stakeholder Needs
2.4 Complaint Processes
2.5 Building Collaborations and Partnerships

3 Valuing Employees Introduction
3.1 Hiring
3.2 Evaluation and Recognition
3.3 Development

4 Planning and Leading Introduction
4.1 Mission and Vision
4.2 Strategic Planning
4.3 Leadership
4.4 Integrity

5 Knowledge Management and Resource Stewardship Introduction
5.1 Knowledge Management
5.2 Resource Management
5.3 Operational Effectiveness

6 Quality Overview Introduction
6.1 Quality Improvement Initiatives
6.2 Culture of Quality

Systems Portfolio, 2014

In October 2014, LCCC published the second edition of its systems portfolio. This Systems Portfolio was prepared according to the updated AQIP guidelines, and is the product of the collective efforts of the Systems Portfolio Steering Committee, which consists of faculty, staff, administrators and key stakeholders. 

Systems Portfolio, 2010 

In November 2010, LCCC published the first edition of its systems portfolio, which provides a “snapshot” of LCCC’s processes and systems. This Systems Portfolio was prepared according to AQIP guidelines (pdf) and is the product of the collective efforts of the College’s Quality Council, faculty, staff, administrators and key stakeholders. 

Systems Portfolio, 2010 Feedback

The systems portfolio was reviewed by an HLC team of peer consultants who provided feedback on LCCC's strengths and opportunities. This feedback is being used to plan and prioritize future action projects.
People who have questions about the college's AQIP Systems Portfolio can email Kim Bender.
* Documents are provided in pdf format.